Chris Morgan
Creative Work
San Francisco

Mostly skateboarding and music related artwork and design.
Contact [email protected]

hand drawn gang starr tribute art featuring mc guru and dj premier

Gang Starr. Pencil. 2023.

john lindsay the sleeping horse wallie san francisco skateboarding illustration art drawing sharpie

The Sleeping Horse. Sharpie. 2023.

alex gocke front blunt smith at third and army san francisco skate spot

Alex Gocke. San Francisco. 2020.

mf DOOM tribute art

MF DOOM. Pencil. 2023.

Pete's Pigs slappy grind drawing

Pete's Pigs. Sharpie. 2020.

san francisco local artists

12SF Decks 2022.

boris heavy rocks akuma no uta album poster art print

Boris. Pencil, ink. Akuma No Uta. 2023.

bob spanbauer back smith merlot skate photography san francisco

Bob Spanbauer. San Francisco. 2018.

jazz rhythm art illustration philly joe jones drummer

'Philly' Joe Jones. 2023.

masa yoshimoto chris morgan skateboard deck art graphic

Science Skateboards. Masa Yoshimoto collaboration. 2016.

Chaka Khan playing the drums in the band Rufus art

Chaka Khan. Sharpie. 2021.

doggie diner dogheads manny joe and jack art san francisco bay area nostalgia and history

Doggie Diner SF. 2023.

curtis mayfield hand drawn pencil artwork

Curtis Mayfield. 2010.

dj rosa swich heel skate photo in san francisco

DJ Rosa. San Francisco. 2022.

skateboard brand website design and development

12SF. Website. 2022.

san francisco bay area victorian architecture house and homes drawing art

San Francisco Victorian Houses. Sharpie. 2022.

skate jawn skateboard magazine ad san francisco

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 54. 2020.

dj rosa frontside 5050 in san francisco. photo by Chris Gurinsky.

DJ Rosa. 12SF Ad. 2023.

josh paz blunt slide to wallride san francisco skateboarding photograph

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 57. 2020.

san francisco victorian house number font letters and numbers hand drawn art

12SF Logo Shirt. 2022.

pro x-fade packaging design chris morgan

Pro X-Fade. Art Direction & Packaging Design. 2005.

Nas Illmatic artwork

Nas - Illmatic. Sharpie. 2021.

hope sandoval from mazzy hand drawn art

Hope Sandoval. Sharpie. 2020.

skate jawn skate ad design san francisco

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 51. 2019.

dj rosa switch heel over a gap in san francisco skateboard photography

DJ Rosa. Switch Heel. 2022.

san francisco skateboarding two set magazine cover illustration hill bomb gx1000

Two Set Mag. Cover illustration. 2020.

science skateboards skateboard brand company website

Science Skateboards. Website. 2016.

san francisco victorian hand rendered logo

12SF Victorian Logo. 2022.

small brand custom open cart store development

12SF Online Store. Open Cart development. 2022.

tom rendell kick flip elephant and caste london skate photography

Tom Rendell. London. 2016.

dvd cover the important nothing skateboarding dvd gatefold graphic design example

Science Skateboards, DVD. 2016.

movements kung fu skateboard graphics generator wood

Science Skateboards. Movements set. 2013.

josh paz nosegrind skate ad photography graphic design layout los angeles west coast

Science Skateboards. Josh Paz ad. 2019.

harry hafner ride on grind skate photography lake merrit oakland

Harry Hafner. Oakland. 2019.

3rdz crew japan tee shirt design graphic art

3RDZ. Tee shirt. 2016.

science skateboards company logo design

Science Skateboards Logo.

josh cox gap crook skate photography london

Josh Cox. London. 2017.

clan deck skateboard graphic

Science Skateboards. Clans deck. 2014.

the important nothing japan premiere flyer

Science Skateboards. Sapporo premiere flyer. 2016.

skate jawn ad harry hafner issue 52 graphic design art skateboarding layout ad

Skate Jawn Ad. Issue 52. 2019.

kyle wilson palace skateboards backside nosegrind revert London

Kyle Wilson. London. 2016.

joe sivell noseblunt transfer skate photography london

Joe Sivell. London. 2016.

skate jawn pete buckley ad issue 53

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 53. 2020.

house of vans sk8 fry day london the important nothing premiere poster graphic design layout dan beall frontside flip photo alex burrell

Science Skateboards. Premiere poster. 2016.

nuno ramirez frontside wallride canary wharf skate photography london

Nuno Ramirez. London. 2016.

josh cox ad graphic design layout art

Science Skateboards. Josh Cox welcome ad. 2016.


A few skateboard videos filmed and edited over the years for Science Skateboards and Long Live Southbank.

Science Skateboards
San Francisco Chapter

Duration: 10 minutes 7 seconds.
Additional filming Jon Rezonable, Zach Chamberlain, Brett Nichols, Ryan Flores, Josh Paz.

Science Skateboards
Josh Cox and Joe Sivell

Duration: 4 minute.
Additional filming: Jake Martinelli.

Science Skateboards
The Important Nothing

Duration: 23 minutes 51 seconds.

Southbank Minute
Episode 8 - 'Indelible'

Duration: 1 minute.

Science Skateboards (2006 - 2020)

Skateboard artwork, guest artist collaboration and direction.

Collaborating on skateboard graphics with guest artists was an amazing experience. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with many inspiring creatives over the years.

Guest creatives in alphabetical order: Arran Gregory, Biko Issah, Charlie Coatney, Dan Boulton, Gaurab Thakali, Gavin Lee, ILoveDust, Isaac Randozzi, James Brason, Jarrod Bryan, Jethro Haynes, Joe Castro, Jon Burgerman, KoaDzn, Luke Pelletier, Masa Yoshimoto, Matthew Green, Michael Sieben, MrGauky, Paul Gonella, Sam Taylor Illustrator, Sergej Vutuc, Shawn Whisenant, Steven Harrington and Stevie Gee.

arran gregory into the mystic skateboard art

Arran Gregory - Into The Mystic

biko issah and chris morgan heavyweight skateboard art

Biko Issah / Chris Morgan - Heavyweight.

charlie coatney somethin else collage jazz and skateboard art

Charlie Coatney - Somethin' Else.

chris morgan focus skateboard art

Chris Morgan - Focus.

chris morgan laughing buddha skateboard graphic

Chris Morgan - Hotei.

chris morgan kali skateboard art

Chris Morgan - Kali.

chris morgan science logo skateboard design

Chris Morgan - Science Logo.

chris morgan los coyotes tribute

Chris Morgan - Los Coyotes tribute.

chris morgan movements martial arts skateboard graphic

Chris Morgan - Movements.

chris morgan stoked watashi dog skateboard graphic

Chris Morgan - Stoked Dog.

chris morgan underground skateboard graphics

Chris Morgan - Underground Dillon Tribute.

chris morgan warring clans skateboard design

Chris Morgan - Warring Clans.

chris morgan zen skateboard art

Chris Morgan - Zen.

dan boulton market st san francisco skateboard graphic

Dan Boulton - Market St.

gaurab thakali prez skateboard

Gaurab Thakali - Prez.

gavin lee teeth stencil art skateboard graphic

Gavin Lee - Teeth.

ilovedust dogs and guns skateboard graphic

ILoveDust - Dogs and Guns.

isaac mckay randozzi union square skateboard graphic

Isaac Randozzi - Union Square.

james brason skateboard painting art

James Brason - Hanging Bird.

james brason painted skateboard art

James Brason - Lobos.

sjames brason out there organic skateboard art

James Brason - Out There.

jarrod bryan skateboard graphics

Jarrod Bryan - Guitar.

jarrod bryan ancestors skateboard art

Jarrod Bryan - Ancestors.

jarrod bryan skateboard artist

Jarrod Bryan - Watchtower.

jethro haynes illustration skateboard graphic

Jethro Haynes - Clouds.

joe castro painting skateboard graphics

Joe Castro - Freedom.

jon burgerman burgeland skateboard graphic

Jon Burgerman - Burgerland.

koadzn slasher

Koadzn - Slasher Tribute.

luke pelletier skateboard graphics i dont care artwork

Luke Pelletier - I Don't Care.

masa yoshimoto photographer collaboration skateboard graphic

Masa Yoshimoto / Chris Morgan - Life Sentence.

matthew green hand drawn illustration

Matthew Green - Sickest Cats.

matthew green skateboard graphics

Matthew Green - UFO.

michael sieben monster artwork

Michael Sieben - Monster.

mrgauky non the wiser skateboard graphic

MrGauky - Non The Wiser.

paul gonella photograhy skateboard graphic collaboration

Paul Gonella / Chris Morgan - Traveller.

sam taylor illustrator god when he was young skateboard graphic

Sam Taylor / Chris Morgan - God When He Was Young.

sam taylor illustrator f the man controversial skateboard graphics

Sam Taylor / Chris Morgan - F The Man.

sergej vutuc photocopied art skateboard graphic

Sergej Vutuc - .

shawn whisenant sewn collage skateboard art

Shawn Whisenant - Collage.

shawn whisenant memories skateboard graphic

Shawn Whisenant - Memories.

steven harrington desert skateboard collaboration graphic

Steven Harrington - Desert.

stevie gee illustrator killer werewolf skateboard graphic collaboration

Stevie Gee - Killer.

96-05 Archive

Here are a few London club flyer design examples from some of the long-running events like Eclectic Breaks at Herbal in Shoreditch and The Get Down at Bar Rumba in London's West End. Additionally, I've included a few posters and mixtape covers for UK music artists and Technics DMC Champions.

These were designed between 1996 and 2005, some in collaboration with Jethro Haynes, specifically for club scene illustrations like the Nextmen and DJ Plus One flyers.


chris morgan skateboarding

Photo: Bryce Campbell.

I am a British creative based in San Francisco fueled by a lifelong love for creativity, skateboarding and music.

In the mid 80's I discovered skateboarding and never looked back. Skateboard magazines and videos introduced me to a fountain of endless creativity and music which deeply resonated.

In 1996 I started out designing flyers for club nights in Southampton and London, UK. A year or so later I had the opportunity to design record sleeves and mixtape covers for a small hip hop record label out in Miami. In 1998, I moved to Bristol and contributed design work to 50:50 Skate Store and continued to design more flyers for club nights and bars.

In 2000, I had the opportunity to move to London to take on the role of Head Designer for a fast moving music company where I gained valuable experience working on a wide range of print and web projects. I still enjoyed freelancing outside of work hours at this time, producing graphic design work for local businesses and music artists. After years of dedication, short deadlines and many, many late nights, I decided to scratch a long time itch by Science Skateboards, a skateboard brand which focused on supporting creativity and collaboration.

I ran the company singlehandedly, producing the majority of the companies content with a team of skaters between the years of 2006 and 2020. Relevant creative roles included graphic design, illustration, skate photography, video, web design and development.

I had the privilege of collaborating with both established and up-and-coming creatives on skateboard graphics and various creative projects during this period.

Overall, I'm very grateful for the opportunities to pursue my passions and to have worked with so many talented individuals over the years. Nowadays, I continue to push myself creatively and continue to strive for honest authenticity.

Feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to discuss any ideas you may have and explore the potential for working together.

Contact [email protected]



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In addition to her powerful vocals, Chaka Khan has also demonstrated her musical versatility through playing the bass and drums. Her early musical inspirations include iconic singers like Billie Holiday and Gladys Knight.

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Since the beginning, skaters have been bombing San Francisco's hills; 80's crews like the Sick Boys were skating all over the city before the EMB scene of the 90's existed. Hand drawn cover artwork for Two Set skate magazine, issue 3.

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