Chris Morgan
Creative Work
San Francisco

Hello, I am a San Francisco-based creative.
Work 1996-2005 Background Contact Store


A selection of inspired skateboarding and music related creative work including skateboard graphics, t-shirt artwork, magazine ads and covers, DVD packaging and skate photography.
12sf san francisco inspired skateboard graphics

12SF. Spring / Summer Decks 2022.

What is wrong with this world?

What is wrong with this world??? 2022.

Pete's Pigs slappy grind drawing. 2022.

Pete's Pigs. Sharpie. 2020.

Chaka Khan playing the drums in the band Rufus fan artwork

Chaka Khan. 2021.

skate jawn ad san francisco

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 54. 2020.

blunt slide to wallride josh paz san francisco skateboarding

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 57. 2020.

jazz art illustration philly joe jones drummer

'Philly' Joe Jones. 2021.

james brason front blunt golden gate san francisco skater dlxsf

James Brason. San Francisco. 2021.

two set magazine cover illustration hill bomb gx1000 san francisco skateboarding

Two Set Mag. Cover illustration. 2020.

hope sandoval fan art mazzy starr

Hope Sandoval. Sharpie. 2020.

skate jawn ad  san francisco

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 51. 2019.

bob spanbauer back smith merlot skate photography san francisco

Bob Spanbauer. San Francisco. 2018.

john lindsay the sleeping horse wallie san francisco skateboarding illustration art drawing sharpie

The Sleeping Horse. Sharpie. 2020.

masa yoshimoto chris morgan skateboard deck

Science Skateboards. Masa Yoshimoto collaboration. 2016.

tom rendell kick flip elephant and caste london skate photography

Tom Rendell. London. 2016.

dvd cover the important nothing gatefold graphic design example

Science Skateboards, DVD. 2016.

movements kung fu skateboard graphics generator wood

Science Skateboards. Movements set. 2013.

josh paz nosegrind skate ad photography graphic design layout los angeles west coast

Science Skateboards. Josh Paz ad. 2019.

harry hafner ride on grind skate photography lake merrit oakland

Harry Hafner. Oakland. 2019.

3rdz crew japan tee shirt design graphic art

3RDZ. Tee shirt. 2016.

science skateboards company logo

Science Skateboards Logo.

joe sivell  blunt big spin london skate photography

Joe Sivell. London. 2016.

josh cox gap crook skate photography london

Josh Cox. London. 2017.

clan deck skateboard graphic

Science Skateboards. Clans deck. 2014.

the important nothing japan premiere flyer

Science Skateboards. Sapporo premiere flyer. 2016.

skate jawn ad harry hafner issue 52 graphic design art skateboarding layout ad

Skate Jawn Ad. Issue 52. 2019.

joe sivell noseblunt transfer skate photography london

Joe Sivell. London. 2016.

skate jawn pete buckley ad issue 53

Skate Jawn ad. Issue 53. 2020.

house of vans sk8 fry day london the important nothing premiere poster graphic design layout dan beall frontside flip photo alex burrell

Science Skateboards. Premiere poster. 2016.

nuno ramirez frontside wallride canary wharf skate photography london

Nuno Ramirez. London. 2016.

josh cox ad graphic design layout art

Science Skateboards. Josh Cox welcome ad. 2016.


Science Skateboards
San Francisco Chapter

Duration: 10 minutes 7 seconds.
Filmed and edited by Chris Morgan.
Additional filming Jon Rezonable, Zach Chamberlain, Brett Nichols, Ryan Flores, Josh Paz.

Science Skateboards
Josh Cox and Joe Sivell

Duration: 4 minutes.
Filmed and edited by Chris Morgan.
Additional filming by Jake Martinelli.

Science Skateboards
The Important Nothing

Duration: 23 minutes 51 seconds.
Filmed and edited by Chris Morgan.
Plus additional filmers.

Southbank Minute
Episode 8 - 'Indelible'

Duration: 1 minute.
Filmed and edited by Chris Morgan.

96-05 Archive

A selection of London club flyers for the long running Eclectic Breaks nights at Herbal in Shoreditch and The Get Down weekly at Bar Rumba, Shaftesbury Ave alongside examples of posters and mixtape covers for UK music artists and Technics DMC Champions.
All completed between the years of 1996 and 2005. Club illustrations (Cutmaster Swift to Excalibah flyers) by Jethro Haynes.


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SF Hill Bomb Print

San Francisco Bay Area skateboarding hill bomb
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Nas Illmatic Shirt

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Drawings Zine #1

A zine containing 11 drawings by Chris Morgan
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What Is Wrong With This World??? Shirt

A customiseable peanuts parody homage fan art inspired tee
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Customiseable speech bubble
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Hope Sandoval 'Diner' Shirt

Hope Sandoval from  the band Mazzy Star Diner image hand drawn and printed tee shirt
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chris morgan back lip wavy ledges london skateboarding graphic design photo bryce campbell

Photo: Bryce Campbell.

I am a British creative living in San Francisco. My first design opportunities came in 1996 whilst living in Southampton, UK designing flyers for local club nights. Around 1998, I moved to Bristol and became involved in design work for the local skateboarding and music scenes whilst continuing to design flyers for regular London events.
In 2000, I moved to London and took on the role of Head Designer for a fast-paced music company where I gained invaluable experience working on a large variety of web and print projects. After four years of dedication I left to launch Science Skateboards, a skateboard brand centered on creativity.

I personally produced the majority of the brands creative output between the years of 2006 and 2020. Mostly photography, video, graphic design, illustration, editing, and website design whilst working closely with numerous established and up coming creatives mostly on collaborative skateboard graphics.