I am a British creative based in San Francisco specialising in graphic design and illustration.

In the mid 80's I discovered skateboarding and never looked back.

1990's golden era skateboard magazines and videos supplied a fountain of endless creativity, alternative inspirations and music which deeply resonated.

chris morgan ride on backlip millennium bridge london tate modern

In 1996, during education I started out designing club flyers for nights in Southampton and London, UK.

By 1998, I had moved to Bristol, where I made design contributions to 50:50 Skate Store and designed flyers and posters for promoters, clubs and bars.

In 2000, I relocated to London to work as a Head Designer for a growing music company, gaining valuable experience working across a wide range of print and web projects from website creation to product packaging, book layouts to clothing artwork, logos and advertising.

In 2006, I fulfilled a long-standing ambition by launching Science Skateboards, a grassroots British skateboard company focused on inspiring creativity through authenticity. I enjoyed collaborating with emerging and established creatives on skateboard graphics whilst working on various video and photo projects with a team of skateboarders.

In 2017, I made the move to San Francisco. After a year or so of groundwork, Science relaunched in 2019 with SF team additions and a Bay Area themed promo video featuring the team. A new website, magazine features and a series of print advertisements. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit not long after our launch, three months in our skateboards had sold out and replacing them had became impossible.

Feel free to reach out. Always interested in discussing any ideas you may have to see if we can work together.

Currently available for project work.


Photo: Daniel Beck